Friday, 17 May 2013

eCommerce: Email picks up the dropped basket

Two out of every three people that 'walk' into your 'online store' will shop around, select items to buy, add them to their basket and proceed to checkout. Then just as they pull out the credit card, they dump the basket by the digital door and leave!

This is the statistic that really grabbed my attention: the average documented online shopping cart abandonment rate is 67%! *(1)

Online store customers can be split into four groups:
  1. The 33% who have bought from you already
  2. New customers who have not yet visited your  online store
  3. Those that have browsed but never check-out
  4. Those that reach checkout but abandon their baskets at the door, unpaid
They dropped the basket, now what?
Groups 1 and 4 are the customers who would benefit most from targeted email marketing.

Group 1 are your traditional eMarketing customers to whom you can legitimately send targeted marketing as part of a customer lifecycle program, provided it's relevant and improves their experience with your brand.

Group 4 are customers with the highest chance of re-engaging if you act quickly and smartly. The action of re-engaging with a dropped basket customer is known as 'Re-Marketing'.