Monday, 3 December 2012

10 of the best social media campaigns from 2012

Measuring the efficacy of social media marketing still isn't an exact science, regardless of what the gurus and ninjas tell you.
So how can we whittle all the thousands of social media campaigns we've seen this year down to a definitive list of the '10 best of 2012'?
Do we gauge it on the number of new fans acquired, retweets, ROI, YouTube views, the number of people it reached, sentiment analysis, the amount of traffic it drove or maybe the number of new brand advocates it created?
The answer is any of the above and any number of other social metrics, so for this list I've instead gone for the campaigns that I found to be most memorable, innovative, or downright funny.
I don't expect anyone to totally agree with my list, and I'd love to hear your nominations in the comments section...
Nike at the Olympics
Nike is known for using guerrilla marketing tactics to try and steal the limelight from its competitors, and during the London Olympics it managed to outshine official sponsor Adidas with a massive billboard and social media campaign around the capital.
Nike eschewed the usual celebrity endorsements in a campaign that celebrated everyday athletes. It bought up hundreds of billboards around the city featuring the hashtag ‘#findgreatness’.
Adidas, which spent tens of millions of pounds to be an official sponsor, ran a social media campaign featuring Team GB athletes and the hashtag ‘#takethestage’.

According to Socialbakers’ CheerMeter there were more than 16,000 tweets associating Nike with the word Olympic between 27 July and 2 August compared to 9,295 for Adidas.
Furthermore. Nike attracted 166,718 new Facebook fans during the Games versus 80,761 for Adidas.
Data from Experian Hitwise shows that Nike achieved a 6% growth in its number of Facebook fans and a 77% boost in engagement on its Facebook page compared to 2% and 59% respectively for Adidas. 
But in terms of website visits, Adidas scored a 44% uplift in traffic compared to 10% for Nike. Of the other official sponsors, Samsung was the biggest winner with a 111% boost in traffic while Cadbury’s saw its visit increase by 41%.
In comparison, McDonalds saw just a 1% uplift in traffic, however non-sponsor Burger King actually saw a 33% decline.

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